Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Forever Young

Forever Young

Bow shirt

Nars cosmetic

$12 -

Sweet Innocent Love

Sweet Innocent Love

Sweet Innocent Love by clairebear12xoxo featuring tahitian pearl jewelry
Hello guys! just wanted to show a set from my polyvore. This website is awesome. You can make sets like these, you can ask for fashion advice, you connect with other from around the world, plus more! It's the worlds biggest community for fashion. 

Hollister Co lace shirt

River Island skater skirt
$41 -

Mixit ballerina shoes

Hello! This blog is all about beauty... but not always physical human beauty. Enjoy and comment!

My name is Claire, just your average middle schooler but I love photography, fashion, drawling, and nature. 

More post soon to come! 
LOV∑ you!